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TEFL/TESL Certificate Course

The course is primarily designed to cater for students wishing to enter the TEFL/TESL profession. Many TEFL/TESL courses are aimed at teaching adults. The English Language Centre’s course includes the teaching of adults and young learners. A Certificate in TEFL/TESL is the minimum teaching qualification necessary for employment in most Language Schools.

TEFL/TESL Diploma Course

The course is primarily designed to cater for students wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in the TEFL/TESL profession and enhance their careers. The course includes the teaching of young learners, adults, and English for Specific Purposes. (ESP).

The Approach

ELC uses a carefully structured approach, illustrated by many practical examples of methods and strategies for the classroom. We harness the traditional with the latest developments in language research and classroom techniques. The courses provide a balance between theory and practice, the overall objective being to equip the student with the confidence and skills necessary to become a professional English Language teacher for the twenty-first century.

All study is conducted online. Students are supplied with Study Guides and are introduced to their personal tutor by email at the start of the course. Linguistic aspects of the teacher-training course are explained and a glossary of technical terms for those unfamiliar with the world of TEFL/TESL, is included. Each course is self-contained with optional reading lists for further study as well as useful teaching resource websites.

The TEFL/TESL Certificate Course consists of 3 Units (6 modules), each with an accompanying assignment of approximately 1000 words.

The TEFL/TESL Diploma Course consists of 5 Units (10 modules), each with an accompanying assignment of a minimum of 1000 words.


Certificate Course: We welcome all applicants from around the world whatever your background and previous experience. However you must possess a clear use of the English Language and be a minimum age of 18.

Diploma Course: Students must have a higher degree of interest or experience in teaching/training.

Course Duration

Certificate: 6 weeks (two weeks per Unit)

Diploma: 10 weeks (two weeks per Unit)

The courses can be completed in a shorter/longer time if required dependent upon your needs.


You will be counselled and assessed by your own personal tutor. All ELC tutors are fully qualified graduate teachers with a minimum of 15 years TEFL and Distance Learning experience.

One 1000 word assignment is to be submitted at the end of each unit for feedback and assessment purposes. Each unit of the course has to be successfully completed before moving on to the next. Assignments may be re-submitted twice.

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