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What Our Students Say:

Here at Carnival Cruise Lines we signed up our whole Corporate Training department to do your TEFL courses.

  • Teresa Kerrigan
    Shipboard Training Manager, Carnival Cruise Lines

I have really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to using my skills in my new job in Luxembourg. I am also also very fortunate to be able to get in-house training with my language school in Luxembourg, but having my TEFL certificate has given me a confidence that I am sure will help me, in enjoying my new role. I found the course stimulating, challenging and very thought-provoking - and will definately recommend it to my fellow colleagues in British Airways!

  • Charles Napier
    British Airways Cabin Crew Member - Luxembourg

I really appreciate all the help and advice the school has given me and I can honestly say that I would not be getting these job offers were it not for the qualifications I have received from ELC. It is always so nice to know that not only do I have a marketable skill, but it is also in demand.

  • Wendy Mitchell-Henderson
    Teacher, Japan

On Monday morning I will be starting a new job working for a company called English Time here in Istanbul. I am really looking forward to it and have the ELC to thank for this great opportunity. Thank you once again for everything.

  • Claire Alkaya
    Teacher, Turkey

I always look back to the Online TEFL/TESL Certificate Course that I took at your school in 2002 ... It has been one of the most helpful, useful, and practical sources to beginning my overseas teaching career ... I would recommend that every teacher thinking of going to work overseas take this course before doing so.

  • Jeff Beyer Former Student
    University Teacher Dandong, China

I took your excellent course in TESOL last Spring and Summer. It seems that your superb instruction paid off. I was just hired by Meiji University. And, while I was attending the first faculty meeting and mixing with other folks, I was offered a position at Sophia University (April 2002-2003). I said yes!, and I've been hired to teach English for Management Majors there.

  • Wyndham Miles
    University Lecturer, Japan

I Thank you for the feedback for essay 4, and all of them! I have found your comments very relevant and helpful, and have been very pleased with the grades and responses. I enjoyed the course, and found the material interesting and challenging. Taking this course has helped secure my job and open new doors. I will think about taking the next one sometime soon. Thank you very much for your teaching and support.

P.S. I look forward to receiving my certificate!

  • Lydia Bourne

I have started a "Beginners English Course" at a local language centre and are at present teaching six Arab men. The modules that I've read and completed have been most beneficial - especially in a practical TEFL situation ... I'm gaining a great deal of experience from the course.

  • Mrs Sonva Eime
    United Arab Emirates

All the assignments have made me think long and hard about the teaching of EFL. I am about to go and work as a Training Manager in an oil company in Oman, and part of my job there will be to manage a Principal and the staff in the company's language school. I have managed such an in-house language school before in Kuwait Oil Co. (75-77) but this time I believe that, I will be better prepared to do a good job of this part of my work in Oman. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the modules and writing the assignment….

  • Mr. P.J. Burke
    Training Manager, Oman

I retired last week and I wanted something to keep me alert while I made a few bob.I have found an agency which promises to keep me busy all through the year. I hope I like it - you have certainly given me a good start. Very many thanks.

  • Anthony Brook
    Teacher, London, Great Britain

Thank you for this course. It has opened my eyes to the world of teaching.

  • A. Scales
    Essex, U.K.

Very many thanks again for guiding me through the course. My certificate is to prove to my 3 super-human-dynamo children that their mother is still capable of thinking!

  • Reavill
    BFPO, Germany

Some time ago, I attended an interview at the Regina Coeli Institute near Herbrogen Den Bosch in southern Holland and despite a lack of experience I was offered a position teaching English on short courses to mainly top level management students. They said that it was partly the fact that I was following the TEFL course which made up their minds to employ me. The "little part-time job" swiftly expanded so that I am now teaching every day and finding it most interesting.

  • Patricia Gibbs
    Teacher, Breugel, The Netherlands

I mentioned that I had been sending resumes to Korea. It now appears that a junior college in Taegu, South Korea has agreed to employ me there as an instructor of English conversation.

  • John G. Shaw
    Florida, USA

I wanted to inform the Centre that I have received an offer from a school in Switzerland thanks to my certification.

  • Allison C. Raymond
    New York, USA

It might interest you to know that I am emigrating to New Zealand and I have been offered employment over there in the TEFL/TESOL world. Should you or any of your students be interested in how EFL works in New Zealand I would be delighted to tell you.

  • Mrs Christine M. Bell
    Watford, Great Britain.

I am writing to say thanks for tutoring me through the certificate course. I now feel confident enough to set out for TEFL in the Far East.

  • Mike Carr, UK

I have received innumerable laudatory comments from past participants in your program from around the world ...

  • Barikyan Gurgen, Ph.d.
    Director General, AFT Training Centre

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course especially the consideration, guidance, and the feedbacks. I'd like to thank my tutor for her support and encouragement which have given me the confidence and enthusiasm to teach again ... My thanks extends to all the staff of ELC especially the Admissions team.

  • Musa Hamid Ali.
    (ELSU), Head - Jubail KSA

I would just like to say 'thank you very much!' for offering and running such high quality courses at the ELC. I have found the course material to be very interesting and accessible and love the learner-centred and sensitive approach to EFL which it projects. In doing so it seems to me to be well ahead of its time. Furthermore, I was especially grateful for having received the generous amounts of feedback from you that I did, it is very valuable to experience these aspects of good teaching/tutoring while learning to become a good teacher oneself! Finally, the truly amazing thing is the fact that, given these many qualities, the presentation of the ELC is totally unpretentious and the courses come at such a modest price.

  • Julia Weiss
    Teacher, Great Britain

I've really enjoyed your course and applied the first four modules to my classroom in many ways. I feel that what I've learned in the course it has helped to build me into a successful teacher who has earned praise from students and management alike. It's likely a big reason why I've been promoted to head teacher. I feel as though I've made a difference in enabling students to speak and listen to English more effectively as they prepare to take what they've learned into the real world. From a career perspective, I think the course has helped to give me a solid base on which to build. I've recommended the course to others and I'll continue to do so.

  • Justin Ledden
    Teacher, Japan

I've found the course practical, useful, and relevant. After making several enquiries on the Internet I have already been offered TEFL jobs in Slovakia, Poland and Turkey. None of them will make me rich but I'm sure they would be extremely interesting. I've put those offers on hold for now and am heading for Switzerland.

  • Craig Williamson

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have found it extremely valuable to my needs in setting up a TEFL unit at Woodhouse Grove School. The modules provided much thought provoking material and acted as a stimulus to further research into a wide range of text books ... The comments of my tutors were constructive in being highly relevant and informative, and particularly invaluable in pointing out new lines of thought. The ideas contained in the course have also led me to consider readjusting my methods of teaching Economics and Business Studies! I would like to thank all concerned ... I am very interested in enrolling for the certificate in ESP course later in the year and I would be grateful if you could please send me a list of the starting dates.

  • D. K. Watts
    Teacher, Bingley, Great Britain

Please find enclosed my final assignment. I hope that it is O.K. as I'll be using it as a guide for my new post. I actually heard of the post through International House and start on October 2nd. I must admit that, while I am very excited I am also a little bit nervous; only natural I suppose. Thank you for your guidance and assistance during my course. It has been a great help. I will certainly be passing on my commendations of the English Language Centre. Thanks again.

  • Isabelle Labonte
    Personnel Officer, London, Great Britain

May I say how much I have enjoyed learning from the Course. It is well structured, well-paced and interesting and I have very much enjoyed the experience. The assignments are most intriguing and relevant. I heartily recommend a TEFL Course with the ELC.

  • S. Hendry, M.A. M.Sc
    Head of Dpt, Royal Military College, U.K.

Thank you for your assistance. The Course is interesting and thought provoking. I found the ideas presented very interesting and helpful for teaching of all kinds at all levels. The ideas are presented very well and in a clear and practical manner. In some ways I learned more about language teaching from the first module than I did from my University English teaching Course. If isolated the Course is particularly well constructed and can " stand alone ".

  • B. Hazelwood
    Teacher, Australia

I wanted to thank you all for your assistance and comments on my modules. I was very pleased that ELC took the time to personally comment on individual assignments. I felt I was getting a lot of personalised, individualised assistance and attention. Your self-introduction helped me to know who you are and where you come from in the TESOL world. I have submitted 3 papers from my module assignments for publication in academic journals here. Thanks again for all of your helpful assistance.

  • Prof. L. Todd
    Assoc. Prof of English, Japan

May I say how much I enjoyed studying for the Certificate Course, which has given me a lot of confidence. My thanks to all at ELC for making the course enjoyable. I am recommending you to my colleagues in the Forces.

  • DRS Bell
    H.M.Forces, Herts

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. It was creatively challenging ... your comments were always encouraging and have given me the confidence and enthusiasm to teach again.

  • P. Singer
    Teacher, Surrey

The course has been invaluable in providing much to think about and apply practically in my teaching - for the benefit of my students. Thank you for your part in it.

  • S. L. Denize
    Tutor, Kuala Lumpur

The course is stimulating and enjoyable. I have found the contents of the first four modules to be very relevant and informative on all aspects of EFL teaching. I look forward to putting these ideas into practice.

  • S. J. Wilson
    Teacher, Business Studies, North Yorkshire

... Can I thank you for your help and say that I have enjoyed doing this course immensely - much more than I had anticipated!

  • K. Yelverton
    Journalist, Cleveland

May I thank my tutor and the rest of the staff at the ELC for this training course. I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning process, and only wish some of my University work had been delivered and organised so well! I am also interested in any further courses you may run which would be useful additions. Once again, thanks a million. I will recommend the English Language Centre.

  • S. Hufton
    Graduate, Nottingham

I have learnt much that I didn't know, and enjoyed intensely the whole course and working with ELC. Your questioning has driven me down to explore the roots of teaching - not once but six times. I feel the stronger, the better able to teach for all the reading, the thinking and the work that this course has entailed. Thank you.

  • M. Shuttleworth, M.A.
    Teacher/Translator, Spain

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your comments, encouragement, and the rapid return of assignments during my period of study with ELC. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of each new module and feel I have gained much from the course. Thanking you once again and sending my best wishes.

  • J. Downey
    Glos, U.K

The course has been enjoyable and very informative ... I found the running of the course to be very professional and efficient.

  • Lunt

I enjoyed the course very much and will find the information in your modules and the clarity of their presentation very useful in the future.

  • R. Ford
    BFPO, Germany

I found it an interesting and entertaining course ... I am sure I would have derived benefit from such instruction at an earlier stage in my career - I know some colleagues would benefit from appropriate instruction! ... Again my thanks for an interesting course of stud.

  • Dr. A. Young
    Bournemouth, U.K

Thank you for your consideration and guidance during the course. I have to say I have enjoyed it and it has been rewarding.

  • L. Hernandez
    Valencia, Spain

Just a line to thank you for your encouragement and assistance during my time as a student with you. I am most grateful for your help ... If any other courses are implemented by ELC, I would be most grateful for information.

  • Knowles
    Merseyside, U.K.

It has been interesting going through the course and I have been particularly inspired by the encouraging and thought-provoking comments. Thank you for guiding me through this course.

  • Rumalopes
    Teacher, Malaysia

I have enjoyed all the work during the last few weeks, it has reinforced much that I already knew, clarified many confusing ideas and challenged me to do some decent reflection on what I actually do in the classroom. Thanks for all your encouragement. The course has been relevant, interesting and useful - very well put together.

  • J. Mountford
    Teacher, Lincoln, U.K.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course work. It has been clear and informative and has motivated me to be a more thoughtful and innovative teacher.

  • Margaret M

I would wish to say how fascinating I have found the course and that I am grateful for the efficiency you showed at your end.

  • J. Smith
    Essex, U.K.

I found the course most interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you, especially to my excellent tutor.

  • M. Dawson
    R.A.F. Officer Retired. Yorkshire, U.K.

Thank you very much for sending me the course transcript and glowing reference. It was exactly what I required. I do appreciate the time and effort you took in doing this so thank you. I am also pleased to inform you that I have been accepted onto the primary school NET scheme here in Hong Kong starting in September this year. My thanks once again and best wishes.

  • Rhys Thomas
    Teacher, Hong Kong

I am writing to you to thank you for providing me with what must have been a positive reference for my application to do an M.Sc. At Aston University. I say that it must have been positive, as I know that they were setting great importance on the work I did on the ELC Diploma, and after receiving your reference, they accepted me onto the course. In fact, your reference was so important, that it counted as two references, meaning that I only had to submit the names of two referees instead of the normal three. May I also take this opportunity to thank you for your helpful feedback on my assignments for the ELC Diploma and Advanced Diploma. It is especially useful as my M.Sc. is also assessed by assignments. I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have given me over the past few months in making a dream come true. The rest is now up to me, to study hard and succeed in passing the M.Sc. Once again, thank you very, very much.

  • Michael Bradley

I have found ELC's courses, from Certificate right through to the Advanced Diploma ESP of great value, advantageous in a learning capacity, informative, and an excellent opening to the World of TEFL. I have also found that I have benefited, not only from the course but also from the feedback you have given me for each assignment. This Summer I had the opportunity to work for a family run language school, and really enjoyed the experience. This Christmas I am travelling to Thailand to work for one month, in private schools. I have also been told that come Spring there will be a permanent job for me with the company. None of the above, or my new working career would have been possible if not for yourself and ELC. Thank you.

  • L. P. Barten
    Great Britain

Before any further time elapses, I would like to thank you for your constructive and positive comments and suggestions ... I found the Course content both challenging and stimulating and I look forward to implementing some programmes in the near future. All aspects of the Course from my initial enquiry through to completing and receiving the Diploma were very professionally handled and very worthwhile.

  • S.M. Palmer
    New Zealand

Dear Team, On return from my holiday, I already found my diploma in the letter box. What a pleasant ‘surprise’! Thank you very much! I am now feeling ready to proceed on to the Advanced Diploma and would like to start as soon as possible. May I also take this opportunity to thank my tutor for her continuing support and her always encouraging and constructive feedback. I am very happy to have taken the course and to have had such a tutor. I would also like to thank admin for their always immediate feedback to all my queries and the quick and sufficient service I have received since starting to study with the ELC. Kind regards.

  • Eileen-Monika Schuch
    Lausanne, Switzerland

I studied with the English Language Centre in January 1994. Since that time, I have gone on to complete a Master of Education (Teaching Second Languages) degree at an Australian university, and have procured a full-time position with the British Council. My ELC diploma certainly helped me in those endeavours, and I am considering moving on to a doctorate in the near future.

  • Kevin Ramsden
    Teacher, Australia

I finished the diploma in TEFL course from ELC on 2nd September 1994 as student DSU/119. Since then I have taught in Italy and Ukraine and have found the ELC diploma to be very valuable to me. At present, I am teaching at the Soros International House School in Kiev, Ukraine and am functioning as Senior Teacher. There is a possibility of me becoming Director of Studies.

  • Steve Urbano, B.A., Dip.TEFL
    Teacher, International House School, Kiev, Ukraine

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