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Established 1990

Why ELC online?

We are an independent English Language research and TEFL/TESL teacher- training organisation established in 1990 with the aid of grants and support from English Training & Enterprise Council (TEC). There is an ever-increasing need for professional, affordable EFL/ESL teacher training and the Training & Enterprise Council recognised ELC's aim and ability to meet this need. Now near the end of our second decade, we continue to do so.

As an international association of academic researchers, teachers, university lecturers and teacher trainers, we offer TEFL/TESL courses to a wide variety of institutions and individuals throughout the world including the Commonwealth Secretariat, the United Kingdom Home Office, County Councils, Training & Enterprise Councils, U.K. Embassy and E.E.C. personnel. Indeed, some 6,000 students have enrolled on ELC courses over the years, very many recommended by friends, relatives and colleagues, and by world-class organisations such as the University of Cambridge Examination Syndicate, Her Majesty's Forces, and Carnival Cruise Line Corporation. ELC also offers a consultancy service/training to corporations and institutions outside education, especially in the areas of Travel and Tourism

Accordingly ELC enjoys the distinction of being one of the UKs leading online TEFL/TESL specialists.

Why Online/Distance Learning?

As Online/Distance Learning Specialists we appreciate that you will want an efficient and effective course which can be completed anywhere in the world - but will our courses widen your opportunities, meet your needs, lead on to real jobs? Read What our students say about ELC courses and judge for yourself. Unsolicited testimonials from numerous students, past and present, assure us that we are meeting such needs in an efficient and enjoyable manner. ELC online is pleased to offer the following programmes of study. Please click for details of the ELC Certificate Course and the ELC Diploma Course

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